Inspire Sleep Therapy

What is Inspire Sleep Therapy? 

People with obstructive sleep apnea have difficulty breathing while asleep. When our body relaxes with sleep, so do the muscles and soft tissues in our mouth, throat and neck. This is normal. When someone has sleep apnea, however, these soft tissues relax to the point of blocking the main airway in the throat. This is dangerous because the person sleeping doesn’t get enough oxygen - something the brain needs to work properly.  

Inspire therapy is a solution for some patients with sleep apnea. A device is placed inside the body, just under the skin. This device supports the natural breathing process throughout the night. It automatically sends electrical stimulation to the muscles responsible for breathing and keeps the airway open. The light electrical jolt is silent, painless, and does not interrupt regular sleep patterns. Most people can feel the muscles in their mouth get tense for a moment or describe it as a tingling sensation.  

To use Inspire therapy, you simply turn on the device with a remote control before going to bed. Then, you can turn the device off when you wake up. There are no other machines, tubes, or parts needed.  

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