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100 Years of History at the Astondoa Shipyard 

The company’s history dates back to 1916, when the Astondoa brothers - Jesús and José - started building rowboats and traineras in a small carpenter’s workshop in Portugalete, Spain. Activity was put on hold during the Spanish Civil War. After the war ended, they decided to go in different directions. Jesús Astondoa focused on building fishing and recreational boats. In 1944, his son Jesús Astondoa Santamaría joined the family business and took over the shipyard shortly thereafter. Astondoa’s well-made wooden boats and high-quality finishes helped the shipyard to gain national recognition. The foundation for success had been laid. 

When the children of Jesús Astondoa Santamaría joined the business, that marked the family’s third generation leading the shipyard. In the early 1980s, Astondoa stepped away from its traditional wood production methods and began building boats in fiberglass. Advances in production techniques, combined with stylish design, strengthened Astondoa’s position as a leading European shipyard. Participation at international boat shows and award recognition for superior quality, fueled a period of development that continues to this day. 

By 2006, the Astondoa Group had more than 500 employees and boasted the most extensive range of boats on the market manufactured by a single brand. Its fleet includes 40 ft open boats, yachts over 120 ft long made of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass, and megayachts up to 45m long with steel hulls and aluminum superstructures. 

Throughout the company’s proud 100-year history, Astilleros Astondoa has crafted more than 3,000 vessels. Today, the Astondoa family remains at the helms of the shipyard. They have overcome a century’s worth of challenges thanks to their firm belief in hard work. To date, four generations of Astondoa yacht builders have upheld the tradition of professionalism, reliability and quality. 

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Largest Yacht to Date Launched on Astondoa’s 100th Anniversary  

In celebration of its centennial anniversary, the shipyard has launched a new luxury yacht. The Century 125’ is now the largest model in the Century range and the longest ever added to Astondoa’s fleet.  

Let’s learn more about the history of the Astondoa shipyard and their latest yacht model to touch the water.  

Building on a Centenary of Excellence 

Astondoa is a Spanish company which is proud to be family operated for four generations and counting. With more than 100 years of shipbuilding experience, it continues to lead the yachting industry. The Astondoa company was founded on the principles of professionalism, reliability and quality. Yet, the company is not stuck in the past. It looks toward the future with firm commitment to technological development, design and innovation. 

At Astondoa, constructing a yacht requires passion and creativity. Every vessel is designed around the preferences of each new owner. They are unique and custom-made with acute attention to detail. Throughout its extensive history, the company has chosen to focus on building customized yachts rather than mass production. Clients who choose Astondoa have exceptional perception of value, individuality and quality. 

Introducing the Century 125’ 

This legacy continues with the Century 125’. ... 

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1: Get the champagne ready.... #astondoa 

2: Astondoa shipyard is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary in a big way. #100yearsinbusiness #astondoa  

3: The newest and largest Astondoa custom yacht will be unveiled at the upcoming @MonacoYachtShow. #100yearsinbusiness #astondoa #century125 

4: Are you ready to meet the new Century 125’? She’s a real beaut. #100yearsinbusiness #astondoa #century125 

5: Can’t wait to see you at @MonacoYachtShow on Sept. 25 – Yours truly, Century 125’. #astondoa #century125 

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